Revolutionary Air-Hub Management Software

ParcelFly is an enterprise logistics management suite that enables retailers, logistics companies, governments and aid organizations to deliver goods by Air. The retail component allows companies to manage the point-to-point delivery of parcels by air to the customer’s home.

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Air-Hub Management System

Our Air-Hub Management System facilitates end-to-end parcel logistics for companies in the functions of setup, management, control and integration to their existing network and technologies.

ParcelFly software handles the delivery scheduling, UAV flight path & conditions, customer status & notification and logistics coordination of the UAV from take off to base return.

The ParcelFly software scales and aims to make the availability of UAV-based aircraft, for the purposes of parcel delivery by air, available in every major city & to every difficult to reach area around the world.

Smart algorithms determine best route options

Integration into retail, logistics and route planning systems

Full configurability for UAV specifications and fleet specific options

Customer updates through white-labelled portals

The power of Air Delivery Taken Further

Fully responsive design, reaching your customers on all platforms

Intuitive UI’s have been designed to improve the delivery process

Same day delivery within as little as 15 minutes

Live updates and parcel tracking through the air

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